portland part deux

Here is what I explored in PDX:

Dick’s Kitchen

Cozy diner-esque restaurant with a strange mirror on a wall and okay music. They had a good beverage selection (alcoholic and nonalcoholic). Additionally, they served collard greens as a side (WIN) and a bbq tempeh burger. I snagged that and a manhattan, which also tasted decent. However, I was a bit disappointed in my burger, though I would return to give them another chance.

Aalto Lounge

Small, intimate bar that served classy and old fashioned cocktails with a bit of an attitude. It wasn’t as friendly as I hoped it would be, but we did hang out here a bit. It’s probably best if you just sit at a table away from the crowd.

Fifty Licks

Petite and heart warming (body cooling) food truck that serves the best ice cream, SERIOUSLY. I tried both vegan flavors- passionfruit and the coconut lemon sorbets. I would pay 4 dollars for a cone anyday, no fucks given.

Jam (on Hawthorne)

I wanted to dig this place, I really did. It’s cute inside, has attractive servers running around, and the menu looks great. However, the service was horrible, we waited forever to be seated and for our order to be taken, and the food did not make up for it. Tsk tsk, JOH.

Robo Taco

Hilarious themed little taco (burrito) shop that has a subtle California style to it. I am a bit wary of their vegan fare, especially after finding a piece of meat fat (I KID YOU NOT). I let it slide, along with the rest of that mushroom burrito down IN MY BELLY.

Circa 33

Comfortable and welcoming bar, probably my second favorite now after Central. The bartender was super friendly and chatty, the drinks were delicious, and the atmosphere invited hours of discussion.

Sizzle Pie

Odd environment, great location, DELICIOUS slice. Why would someone get a “cut”, is the real question though. (half a slice). I would come here for the strange concoctions and if I wanted to wait another 20 minutes to get my slice.

The Parish
Only came here for the Sazeracs, but it’s a classy place in the Pearl District. I wouldn’t eat here, as it’s not very vegan friendly, and the drinks were okay. You’re paying for the location, really.

That is all.

Ground Kontrol rules.


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