being vegan is tough

Anyone that says differently is lying. There are lots of stipulations and things you have to look out for- not only in food, but in everything you consume. Beauty products, alcohol, and clothing. I didn’t quite understand this concept of “animal cruelty free” and “ethical” until a few years ago, but I’m glad I do now.

For anyone that’s considering this lifestyle (yes, it’s truly a lifestyle), there are obvious things you cut out. Leather, gelatin, lanolin, wool, and even honey. These can all be debated as far as how much the animal has gone through for us to acquire these materials.

However, as a girl, it’s even more difficult to live as a vegan, as we are constantly trying new makeup and skincare products to see what works for us. There is one store that has literally saved my skin- LUSH.

Lush is an all vegetarian beauty store that has a lot of vegan products. They declared all of their homemade products ethical, but I still prefer to buy just the vegan ones. Before Lush, I had bad skin. The only thing that I could use was straight up tea tree, witch hazel, and vitamin e. When that didn’t work, I decided to explore- thus finding Lush. I’ve been using their products for two years now, and I’ve never looked back. My skin has cleared drastically and my hair is in better condition even though I dye it every few months or do. If you’re a vegan girl struggling with skin problems, I recommend Lush whole-heartedly.

Here are a few things I use religiously:

Let me step off my podium for a second. 

There really is a reason as to why I’m so passionate about this. Being vegan has helped me shed 50 pounds and clear up my skin, I’m obviously doing something right.


start a revolution.

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