I’m all about the sandwiches

I have an absolutely insane love for bread. Good, freshly baked bread. The smell of a loaf coming out of the oven is probably the best smell in the world. It also goes with pretty much anything. This is why sandwiches are the best things to ever come from mankind.


Peppered “Chicken” Sandwich

Two slices of bread, obviously. (Or fuck it, go crazy and have ten. I don’t care.)

1 serving of seitan. I made my own, but you can buy it in the store. It’s a long process.

Two thin slices of white onion

1/2 cup of sliced mushrooms

thyme and lots of pepper

microgreens and tomato are optional

Vegenaise for the bread

Grill the seitan, onions, and mushrooms in olive or grapeseed oil until

the onions are translucent, mushrooms are dark, and seitan is warm.

Season with the pepper and thyme. Assemble.

She was really upset I didn’t share.