Holy Ghost at Doug Fir

Holy Ghost! brought dat Brooklyn vibe to a city of weird.

This is what Holy Ghost! looks like out of focus.


The basement of Doug Fir was shaking Friday night. Holy Ghost! even made a comment along the lines of “you guys are f***ing wild!” I’ve never been to a show where everyone was dancing, and Holy Ghost! did a fantastic job of getting the audience to participate. You could feel their high energy, deeming it impossible to stand still. While watching them play, I couldn’t help but think, “there are so many people on that stage. It’s a disco Slipknot” (forgive me for mentioning the unmentionable). However, my worries about them playing with laptops were dismissed when I saw them come on stage and jam with instruments. They played their whole album along with a few new songs, which fills me with so much anticipation it hurts. Their set was long, but the crowd demanded an encore. They came out fairly fast probably because it would likely cause a riot if they waited any longer.


start a revolution.

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