Looks gross? Chug it.

Over the years, I’ve acquired pretty much every herb, supplement, and health food you can imagine. Exploring my nutritional options as a vegan has gotten me to a point where my cupboard should belong to someone in their late 60s. Regardless, I’m pleased with the fact that I can easily make something that calls for a unique or rare ingredient. The smoothie below contains ingredients that every vegan should carry during the summer at the very least. Goji berries, although somewhat pricey and hard to find, contain anti-aging properties and antioxidants. The rest will detoxify your body and give it nutrients. I’m all for buying in bulk- especially if you’re only using them to make smoothies.

If you like it less thick, add more almond milk. You shouldn’t stop there- if you have other things in your kitchen that you think would make a great addition, go for it! Feel free to let me know what you have concocted and the turn out, as well.


Update on this little beezy- She’s now adapted to Portland, OR, but she still gives me dirty looks. -_-


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