The Neighbourhood. Wonder Ballroom 7.12.13


JMSN. All photography by Meggyn Pomerleau

Wonder Ballroom quite possibly hosted the strangest show that I have ever attended on Friday night. Prior to the opener, a MacBook DJ attempted to loosen up the stiff crowd by blaring bass heavy club music reminiscent of a middle school dance. By the end of his set, I had prayed multiple times for the conical beam of light to abduct him from our presence forever.

The opener of the night, JMSN, has by far the most contrast between their appearance and sound. Nothing about their extreme resemblance to Hanson screams R&B, but once the voice of the group, Christian Berishaj, began to sing with such ease and soul it only seemed natural to accept the odd combination. Most of the songs performed were a bit repetitive, but you could notice the talent and passion of each musician on the stage. They ended their set with a heavy metal jam session, complete with head banging and Christian getting down, literally. JMSN is quite honestly not my cup of tea, but after watching them perform I might even shamefully revisit their slow jamz in a drunken lonely state.

The Neighbourhood

Anticipation for The Neighbourhood was nearly killing some of the front row tweens. When they finally climbed on and started to play, I couldn’t help but compare the reaction of the crowd to another pop band. The Neighbourhood, though a fairly new band, all looked quite young, but have done a fantastic job in gaining the attention of the younger generation. Jesse Rutherford ran back and forth on stage while singing tracks from their new album, I Love You, without missing a note. The adrenaline from the stage filled the venue and the hands from the crowd never stopped reaching out to Jesse. Unfortunately, their exit was extremely abrupt without even offering an encore, leaving everyone feeling a bit confused and disappointed. Next time, play a cover, THE NBHD.


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