Avi Buffalo. Crystal Ballroom 7.18.13

Thursday night I came to the Crystal Ballroom with a blank canvas of a mind. No expectations, no die-hard fan knowledge of either band, and no influences on what would occur when the bands started playing. Avi Buffalo gracefully set up and started playing. Though it wasn’t a mind blowing introduction, everyone seemed to be waiting anxiously and happy that they were there. Another thing that was quite noticeable was the band’s gratitude towards the crowd and being able to play. They played a few songs that were recognizable, but most sounded new and -quite frankly- better than most of the live music I’ve heard in Portland. Their energy and positive vibes floated through the venue and brought everyone closer and more intrigued. They ended their too short of a set with an epic masterpiece of solos amongst each band member. If you’re unfamiliar with this band, it’s time you introduced yourself. You can thank me later. 


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