Portugal. The Man. Crystal Ballroom

I was surprised by the amount of anticipation for Portugal. The Man. Though their home is Portland, I haven’t heard much from most Portlanders about them. The venue looked sold out by the time they were about to come on. They opened with an extreme amount of energy and a light show that could have given someone a seizure. Everything about those moments were perfect. This is what live music is about- appreciation, talent, and love. Portugal. The Man played every single song the audience seemingly beckoned for (“So American,”  “All Your Light,” “The Sun”…just to name a few) and some off their new album(“Hip Hops Kids,” “Evil Friends,” “Purple Yellow Red and Blue”). By the time their encore approached, their was a definite sadness lulling among everyone. If Portugal. The Man could play forever, I would die happy. They left the audience soaked with sweat, high from the perfect tunes they created, and exhausted from dancing (the best way). They deserve every amount of attention they get, and hopefully they don’t forget about everyone that loves them in the town they reside.