Wavves, King Tuff, and Jacuzzi Boys at Wonder Ballroom 10.24.13

Wavves. All photography by Meggyn Pomerleau
Things got weird. Real weird. Wavves and King Tuff.

Sunday night couldn’t have been described any better than with the following words: an epic party on stage and off stage.

Being the last show of the tour, it was bound to have some exciting, notable moments. Nathan ofWavves was spraying beer on a mostly underage audience, all bands that played that night were wasted on stage but attempted to hold it together and various members of King Tuff were silly-stringing everyone in the crowd. Wait, there’s more.

Nathan of Wavves.

Not only does Wavves put on a good show musically (even while downing economical beer and admitting how drunk they are), they are excellent entertainers. (Nathan does kind of look like Little Nicky. It was brought to everyone’s attention by Stephen.) Everything that came out of their mouth was equally as hilarious as their ridiculous tweets. It’s likely that they’re never sober, but most onlookers are probably glad they aren’t. Their set was more than satisfying and even included “Nine is God”, exclusive to the new Grand Theft Auto. They ended their set with no encore, again admitting how drunk they were and claiming they knew no more songs.

King Tuff crowning Nathan of Wavves King of the Beach
King Tuff crowning Nathan of Wavves King of the Beach

King Tuff’s set was quite entrancing for being a butt rock band, as the crowd went wild for the three normal-looking dudes who obviously loved to be on stage and play. Jacuzzi Boys also played an impressive set that was all too short, which concluded in darkness.

A Jacuzzi boy successfully crowd surfing
A Jacuzzi Boy successfully crowd surfing

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 12.34.43 AM

What I want to know is…did anyone answer Nathan’s request?


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