pro-tips you should probably follow

It’s really easy to empty your wallet out on that diet you’re so excited about. More often than not, this discourages people from living a healthy lifestyle. Most people don’t realize that you can eat healthy things AND still have money left over. (mind blown? keep reading.)

I fall victim to spending everything I make to stores such as Whole Foods and other health conscious grocery stores, but there’s a simple way to avoid this and get the most from what you spend:

1. Buy in bulk (bins). 

Do you really need a whole bag of chia seeds? Or just enough for a recipe. How much ginger are you SERIOUSLY going to use in your tea? Break off a knob in produce and call it even. Don’t even get me started on cashews. Buy what you’re going to eat, and know how much you need exactly for each recipe.

2. Avoid buying produce at grocery stores, try co-ops or farmer’s markets.

Most of the time, you’ll get a deal. If they have an overabundance of carrots or berries, they’re probably going to give them to you for half of what you would find them for at the grocery store. A lot of the time, they’re organic and fairly priced. You’ll be surprised to find that you can get a box of vegetables for half of what you would buy a dozen avocados for.

3. Plan your meals.

If you have no idea what the hell you’re going to eat, of course you’re going to binge and buy interesting (expensive) food. It’s the same as going to the grocery store hungry. Plan on meals that you know will be nutritious and accommodating to your specific diet and make a grocery list accordingly. This will ease some of the stress and anxiety while walking through aisles, since you know what you need. You’ll also avoid things you don’t need with ease. Planning meals weekly is great since you can change your diet as you go, depending on if you’re eating things that work with your goals. 

4. You probably don’t need organic.

If you eat the outside/peel/rind, why are you buying organic? I mean, yeah, society is now telling us the product has GMOs and pesticides penetrating through the exterior, but REALLY? It’s just marketing. Eat regular bananas, avocados, nuts, and lemons. You’ll be fine. 

5. Make everything yourself if you can.

Buying vegan cream cheese or pre-packaged dressings is ideal and convenient, but in the end, you’re paying much more than you would if you made everything yourself. Look into recipes with high ratings and make them yourself. Don’t have the time? Make the time. It’s worth it in the end, especially if you can get twice as much vegan sour cream  for half the cost. 

6.Please stop taking pictures of your food on paper serve-ware.

That is all. Bye.


2 thoughts on “pro-tips you should probably follow

  1. Excellent tips – the only thing I wouldn’t be sure about is the organic one since the seeds have to be organic too, if the seeds are organic then some may feel safer eating foods that haven’t necessarily been grown to the strictest standards. However if it’s just the growing and not the seeds that meet ‘legal’ organic standards then it’s kind of defeating the purpose anyway.

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