Jacco Gardner at Mississippi Studios

Despite being on a Monday night,  Jacco Gardner brought the venue to a near capacity. All of us watched in reverence as Jacco and his band (featuring Frank Maston on keys) played breathtaking melodies (from the album Cabinet of Curiosities) that were thoroughly foreign to this era. The strange visuals momentarily caught my attention. That quickly changed, as every man onstage had a charming intensity which kept you from looking anywhere else. The only exception seemed to be a lady who appeared to be on acid, dancing very strangely in the front. You had my attention for a few minutes, ma’am.

Every sound, tune, voice, melody, chord, strum and beat was perfect, locking you in that moment and evolving into something more than a performance. Finally, they ended their all too short of a set with a nine minute version of Lullaby, leaving us all in a state of confusion, fear, and bliss.

What happened after will forever keep me in touch with my humanity, Amsterdam, and onion rings.