Metronomy at Wonder Ballroom

“Love. I’m in love…again.”

 Nothing could have encapsulated my feelings about Metronomy’s performance better than those lines.

Metronomy is everything a live band should be: passionate, energetic, radiant, multifaceted, and frankly stoked to be playing. With every note, two-step, beat, synchronized dance, facial expression, induced crowd clap, and strum, you could feel the love pouring through Wonder Ballroom from their hearts into ours. Each person on stage was covered from head to toe in classic ivory, and their stage set-up of geometric white and sudden neon lights invoked childhood memories of the theme park ride, “It’s A Small World”  from Disneyland, though I suspect that was not their intention.

They opened their set with “Monstrous” from their newest album, Love Letters. Their combination of old and new songs pleased the audience enough to bring on the loudest beckoning for an encore I have heard in my life. Metronomy’s performance easily pushed an hour and a half, and not once did they appear to be exhausted like they should have been. The encore, which consisted of “Heartbreaker” and “You Could Easily Have Me”,  surprisingly stirred an aggressive mosh pit, complete with teenagers betrothing themselves to Joe Mount and rowdy douche-bros in paisley print button ups. Nothing, however, could ruin the moments Metronomy created for us. Each musician blew me away from start to finish, especially leaving me speechless during “Everything Goes My Way” and “Corinne”.

In short, Thursday was a night of miraculous talent I could barely swallow and never forget.