So You’re Dating

Let me start by saying this: it’s hard to release anyone you’ve “let go” to. Someone you’ve started feeling vulnerable with, whether it’s revealing secrets, revealing your body, your issues, etc. It’s fucking hard. You think you invested in something, but a second later they could give a fuck about you.

Remember this: You’re beautiful.

You’re told all throughout your life that there are other fish in the sea. This is probably the most valuable thing any sort of elder could tell you. There really fucking is. Now with the internet, you’re able to connect with anyone all over the world, and the population isn’t getting any smaller. There’s a potential dream guy/girl in more than one country.

The sooner you realize there are options, the easier it is. 

However, the most important issue is your self worth. Depending on your age, and I know that’s an asshole-y thing to say, there’s a difference in how you weigh your confidence. You are unique. You are smart. You are great. Whoever doesn’t make you feel that way isn’t worth your time anyway.

Don’t buy anyone things. This creates expectations. Buy your own damn drinks and dinner. Don’t go out unless you can afford it.

Don’t drink too much. This lowers your vulnerability and also allows you to open up more than you usually would.

Don’t do something to your love interest that you wouldn’t want them doing to you. For instance: drunk calling, sending nudes, texting excessively, being needy. Be your own person. Be you. This is what attracted them to you in the first place. And you certainly wouldn’t want those things from someone else.

Be a good person. If you’re kind, compassionate, and open minded, people will flock to you. Chances are you’re already this way, so it’s meaningless to reiterate this, but don’t forget.

Don’t settle. We all get lonely. Is one night with a stranger going to resolve this? No. Chances are, you’ll just feel more alone.

Date yourself. Take yourself out to movie. Go to the grocery store and make yourself a nice dinner. The easiest date: watch Netflix all day and cuddle an animal. Once you become comfortable with yourself, it will be easier to be comfortable with others.