Reverence for MONO, the post-rock gods.


I used to be such a nice person. 

The first rule about post-rock is you don’t talk about post-rock.

The second rule about post-rock is you DO NOT talk about post-rock.

You don’t say anything because post-rock exists only in the hours between when MONO starts and when MONO ends.

The third rule about post-rock is you do not move or speak.

The fourth rule is you do not stand in front of anyone on purpose- EVEN IF they exceed your height.

Maybe self destruction is the answer. 

The fifth rule is one band at a time. There are no festivals. There is no multitude of sound. There can only be MONOphony- and it better be MONO.

The sixth rule is you need to wear shirts and shoes.

And the seventh rule is if this is your first post-rock show, you have to get the fuck out.

Post-rock gets to be your reason for living and keeping your sanity and depression simultaneously.

Post-rock is not football on television.

You aren’t alive anywhere like you’re alive at a post-rock show. 

I did this to myself.