Angel Olsen at Revolution Hall

Enter the dark auditorium, laden with eager ears sipping on drinks, chattering about the impending performance and laughing below the archaic high school ceiling. As the lights dim, it feels as though you have been taken back to a school assembly where the guest of honor begins to speak, in this case being the folk-singer Angel Olsen. Her soft glowing voice is easily recognizable amongst the myriad of female artists in the genre of indie-folk music. What sets Olsen apart is her delicate yet assertive croon, which cuts through the mists of time, echoing from the same vein of folk artist Joan Baez drew from generously years previous. Olsen’s newest album released last year “Burn Your Fire For No Witness” was played a majority of the time during Olson’s performance at Revolution Hall.

The only real way to experience Olsen is to see her in the flesh; to witness her set live is to behold the full expression of her talent. Olsen’s personality shines through her music more eloquently, and hungry audiophiles gathered around her feet more often than not  to reciprocate the infectious smile she broadcasted to the crowd. How could one not smile?

Olsen has effectively evaded the “sophomore slump” with this highly lauded album, and her live performance is even more respectable. It is no wonder this show sold out. I have high hopes for the future of Olsen’s musical career, and I am eager to see the rustic folk sound she has cultivated blossom ever further into her own.