Your Illustrated Guide to: KIASMOS



Kiasmos‘ self-titled, released in 2014,¬†are full of¬†lush melodies layered with intricate percussion that orchestrate the most perfect introspective themes.

kiasmos-03Think of their sound as a highly evolved nonphysical being with an unwavering energy.

Both multi-instrumentalists and overall busy¬†dudes, Kiasmos had¬†intended to be a fun project but more recently they’ve devoted¬†more and more of their attention. You can hear the genius in their craft and enthusiasm in their minimal experimental approach to dance music, and somehow it’s unsurprising to learn this isn’t all they can do. Arnalds is a film and television¬†composer that boasts a¬†BAFTA and has played drums in various metal bands¬†while¬†Rasmussen produces, engineers, and¬†also plays in the¬†electro-pop outfit, Byrta.¬†

kiasmos-04.pngImagine them as a guide to your creative intelligent consciousness.

Their last tour landed a spot in Portland, Oregon, and it was an incredible night to be alive.

Among the fog, eager bodies, and captivating glow that emanated from the stage, there were the two. They created an environment where it felt safe to dance and explore your innermost thoughts. Normally at Holocene, any sort of electronic music inspires club vibes and brings out people uninterested in the talent behind the compositions. That night everyone was there for them.

Adorned in matching jogging suits and positioned in front of a projector displaying imagery you thought you could only dream of, they gracefully swept through each symphony, beat, and sound. By the time my favorite, Thrown, had been slowly building up, the crowd was in a complete trance and most had their eyes closed. No one seemed to care what anyone was doing around them and they were in their world. They left us with Bent, the ultimate rollercoaster of a melody that appropriated everyone to an intense mental climax, uninhibited oscillation, and completely heightened senses.


Things are happening. This is the evolution of dance music.

Explore things you may not have believed possible.


start a revolution.

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