Your new cure to seasonal depression: Quilt


Throw away your meds. Toss your body pillow stuffed full of chamomile and lavender. Stay inside and listen to Quilt. *

Boston-based quartet Quilt, whom I’ve had my eye on since I felt a full-body high from their performance atop a floating stage on a river during Levitation 2K14, are Anna Fox Rochinski, Shane Butler, Keven Lareau, & John Andrews.


Their lyrics are often comprised of descriptive pleasantries, soothing hums, playful guitar riffs, and deliberately soulful basslines. Anna’s sultry vocals can easily make you forget about the bad day you had. Shane’s meditative harmonies and voice are uplifting and full of hope. It’s simple and complicated all at once. At times their collective melody turns into an ethereal jam, and you can’t help but fall into mindfulness.

Quilt is profoundly appropriate for any occasion, especially the rainiest of days where sadness is nigh.

Check out their newest single from their upcoming album, Plaza, here and set Quilt as your morning alarm. You can thank us later.


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