Solace on the Road: Your Friend North American Tour

Taryn Miller (Your Friend) // photo by Crystal Lee Miller
Taryn Miller (Your Friend) // photo by Crystal Lee Miller


I had received an email a few months ago from a friend. Attached with it was an album titled Gumption. I’m always open to new music being sent my way, so I thought I would give the album a listen. A week later, the album was heavily rotated on my phone and it traveled with me everywhere.

Taryn Miller (Your Friend) was just a college student in Kansas before she won $1,000 from a battle of the bands competition and used that to fund/produce her first EP Jekyll/Hide. Miller has garnered followers and signed with Domino Records and has since released her first first length album under the label.

There is a bit of a starch contrast between Jekyll/Hide and Gumption. Besides the obvious production difference, the writing styles have both varied. With Jekyll/Hide, Taryn’s cries of loss of love can be heard through tracks such as “Peach” blister with the words, “You held my arms as if they were yours/You held my face as if it were yours”.

With Taryn’s new album Gumption, the production shines along with the words of introspection coming from Miller’s writing. From the title track “Gumption”, her first line is, “No one ever ages quite like how they envisioned”. Through her new album we experience not only a different sound and structure, but a more mature and different creative view.

Your Friend, has just started their U.S. tour and already have hit the road. You can catch them at the following cities and dates here.