Hinds at The Glass House Pomona

Hinds @ The Glass House in Pomona // all photos by T.J.
Hinds @ The Glass House in Pomona // all photos by T.J.


There’s not much I can remember as far as “firsts”. First time I smoked pot, first kiss….. however I do recall the very first time I heard this band. I was in my room scrolling through Twitter when Josh Radnor (formerly known as Ted Mosby from HIMYM) posted a YouTube video of a band called Hinds. It was their big single “Garden” off what would be their soon-to-be released album Leave Me Alone. 


I couldn’t get enough. I would be playing this song for the next week on the YouTube app while I drove everywhere aimlessly. January 8th came with the release of their album and I immediately went to the closest record store to make my purchase. I came home gleefully, taking the plastic off the record case, and I proceeded to annoy my family for the coming months.

Flash forward. 

Hinds has had a very successful tour these past months posthumously releasing their debut album. They’ve sold out over half of their European dates and the North American shows as well.  It was safe to say this band is garnering the right attention. It was unreal when we had received an email to cover the show, but more specifically their set. Without hesitation, I jumped at the opportunity to watch these girls do their thing.

I drove for about an hour to The Glass House, a modestly spacious venue located in the downtown of Pomona, CA surrounded by the abundance of bars and many other venues/spaces.  The upside to also being in this part of L.A. is that parking doesn’t seem to be a plague. It was amazing and refreshing how fast I found parking in this city. The night still a bit young and the band an hour or so before they hit the stage. I then splurged some money on some amazing craft beer and proceeded to have a great fucking time to myself. 

Slightly buzzed, I found myself inside the bar at The Glass House. After making dirty jokes with my bartender (who of which said that when I publish this story to refer to her as Dee, i.e. It’s Always Sunny), I talked it up with some of the patrons in the bar who said they’ve seen them here a year performing on the stage in this very bar area. The amount of hard work this band has put in is showing itself tonight. The clock was reading 9:30 and the crowd was huddling to the stage. The show was about to begin.

The ladies made their grand entrance. Amber, Ade, Ana, and Carlotta were grooving to “You Sexy Thing (I Believe in Miracles)” by ’70s funk band Hot Chocolate being blared through the house speakers. Their sense of humor was very much intact tonight. The first notes began to rang in the hall. The notes were building up and suddenly the girls got into one of their first singles “Warning With The Curling”, a track from their previous named band Deers. Carlotta yelled, “You know they’re gonna fiiind youuu.” with the crowd singing along. Right after came “Trippy Gum”, another Deers classic. 

The crowd was not shy of their energy especially as “Fat Calmed Kiddos” played out. The girls behind me in the crowd were yelling along to,

“You’re on the line/I seen you waving goodbye/I seen you waving goodbye” 

It all became a party now with nothing but the crowd and the band exposing the hidden energy in the room. After just a few more old Deers tracks, Hinds got into a special cover of “When It Comes To You” by The Dead Ghosts. In a Narduawar interview from a months ago, the band cited The Dead Ghosts as one of their favorite Garage Rock influencers. So it’s come to no surprise they did their song justice and played the hell out of it.

Shortly after, my favorite song from the album began play. No, it wasn’t “Garden”. “Easy”, one of the slower tracks on the album written and performed by Ana, sent a shock through my spine.

“You said it was gonna be easy/ now you’re driving away/ I’ve got no tears to share

And I sold every feeling you gave me/ Now I’m all on my own…”

Obviously the lyrics and the sheer pace of the song just take me to some weird place. I thoroughly tried to bring myself together, but I was too caught up in this moment and I didn’t want to come down.

Hinds continued to go through their new album with their tracks “Bamboo” and “San Diego”. The audience was still  in participation with some light moshing in the pit. Carlotta then gave the crowd a huge thank you for coming to watch and support them on their tour. With a signal to Ana, Ade, and Amber they struck their guitars the crowd shouted. Their hit single “Garden” was in motion and I couldn’t have been much happier. The crowd stopped in it’s tracks and sang along as Carlotta slyly sang,

“How many secrets you have that keep you smiling that way? You better start to behave..”

Of course, they wouldn’t leave the crowd without one last track to keep the energy moving. “Castigadas En El Granero”, in my opinion, the most upbeat single from the album and it was a nonstop dance party until the last chord rang out.

The energy from all of them on stage just showed through their musicality. These girls are all best friends making amazing music with each other. It should be no surprise that you’ll have a fun time at their shows. Hinds thanked the gracious crowd once again and made their way out. Afterward, I walked through downtown Pomona and found myself later at an In-N-Out trying to have all the beer I consumed absorbed by delicious burgers. I found myself thankful while chewing on some fries. There’s plenty of people who would kill to go to shows for free and talk about the amazing time they had. So that’s how I’m going to end this. Thankful as fuck.