Beach House at the Crystal Ballroom

Words and photographs: Colette Pomerleau

I couldn’t help but stand in front of Beach House last Thursday night and think about how much more it felt than seeing a band play on a stage in front of a sold out audience in a venue in downtown Portland. Memorable glimpses from the night have kept me from a consistent state of sadness now that it’s ended. I will always remember Victoria Legrand having head spasms when least expected. I’ll remember the complimentary light show that added a layer of awe and imagination. I’ll never ever forget the collective consciousness of shared goosebumps. In its entirety, that night left a lasting impression that I’ve been missing from live music lately. 

This tour takes place to support their latest releases, 2015’s Thank Your Lucky Stars and Depression Cherry. They’ve put into place a two-part concept: the show and the installation. “A show set in their own specially-designed art installation, with the audience invited to sit on the floor and listen to reworked versions of songs from Thank Your Lucky Stars and Devotion.” Disjecta hosted their Portland, Oregon installation. 

Introducing everyone at the Crystal Ballroom with “Levitation”, the musicians onstage simultaneously connected and decreased the emotional distance between them and their listeners. I closed my eyes through half of their set, daydreaming about breakfast in bed, immersed in sheets and instantly transported back to when I heard Beach House for the first time. I could feel the starry installations on the back of my eyelids. The band played“Master of None”, which made me question how awake I really was. There was beautiful familiarity in the subtle and eerie build up and in Legrand’s crooning. An encore was inevitable.

I think we all keep coming back to Beach House because they make you feel like you’re feeling it for the first time. You can find Beach House at this year’s Pickathon and their releases through SubPop.