Gold Panda at Echo Plex

Gold Panda // Photo by Kasey Elliot
Gold Panda // Photo by Kasey Elliot

Every time I’m asked to cover a show, there’s a subtle anxiety that builds inside me.

Like Murphy’s Law, I expect everything that’s unexpected to happen.  I tend to drink coffee, pack all my essentials (i.e. cigarettes, weed, etc.), and rush myself to the city. This day was different. I’m not sure how, but after almost a year of covering show I may have less fucks to give.

I pulled up to the parking lot at 8 P.M. with a half-finished coffee. My day was spent cutting hair non-stop and I just needed enough energy to power through tonight. I wandered on Sunset blvd. with my stomach feeling unfulfilled. Two Boots Pizza appeared and from past nights being inebriated, this was a sure fit. After inhaling my pizza, I made my down the steps to the Echo Plex.


As soon as I entered, the caffeine was wearing down and I needed a cigarette to wake myself  up. Minute after minute, wave after wave, a crowd started to enter the venue.  I stomped my death stick out and exhaled deeply.  I weaved through the audience and made it just as two figures stepped out on the stage.


Anenon was loud. It was textural. It was…Jazz. As I looked to my right, I saw Gold Panda and Geotic (aka Baths) enjoy their friends eclectic set of loud drums, reverberated saxophone, and ethereal-ambient music. The crowds were nodding their heads in agreement. I wasn’t expecting what seemed an impromptu set, but if this was all planned– they could’ve fooled anyone in the room. The sounds coming from the duo held up everyone inside and no one wanted to leave until it was over. I was floored.


I whizzed by to grab a few breaths of fresh air and cigarettes. My anxiety alleviated and there wasn’t much to convince myself that I should leave. From the crowd slowly still finding their way to the show alongside the positive energy starting to build, things were looking up and I had my dancing shoes on.


Geotic held nothing back. From start to finish, not one person inside the halls were standing still. If they weren’t dancing to to the beats, their heads were nodding along to the kick drums echoing out. From ambient to deep house, the Echo Plex became a party in itself. I loosened up with a can of beer or two. Although his set was brief, I couldn’t have been more hyped about the next hour to come.


Drink beer, smoke joint, exhale, repeat.


It’s amazing the amount of friends you make when you go to a show by yourself and they realize you’re the one with the green stuff. After a few laughs and dirty jokes, the lights dimmed and caricatures appeared across the backdrop of the stage. The crescendo of applause swelled as Gold Panda made his way. “Metal Bird”, an upbeat UK Garage beat from the new album Good Luck And Do Your Best. Slowly he blended into “In My Car” another track off the new release. From left field, he came down with “Vanilla Minus”, from 2010 project Lucky Shiner. Throughout the set were sprinkles of mostly new songs and a few singles/unreleased projects.


I blinked and I found myself midway through a taco from one of the trucks along Sunset blvd. I inhaled my food and slowly made it back to my truck and drifted home. I looked out to the side of the 101 as the lights from the high rises sifted through the car. My nervousness was shed and I felt at peace with the music blasting.