Your Friend at The Echo Plex

Your Friend // photo by Michelle Shiers
Your Friend // photo by Michelle Shiers


I had just nervously wrapped up my interview with Taryn of Your Friend. It was my first interview (ever). Needless to say, I may have felt a bit nervous.  I mentally paced back in forth wondering if I asked the right questions, not acted like a fool, or said “like” too much as any person from West L.A. would. I ran back to my car and hot boxed it to shed the nerves from my skin. All I could do now is wait until the doors open.

My alarm went off. It was 8 p.m. and I still had a few blocks to walk through before I reach the door. There was a minor mishap with my name being on the press list, but with luck on my side they let through. I made a b-line for the bar like every show and I wasn’t going to break tradition tonight. I downed half as the crowd poured in. The lights grew dim and Your Friend had arrived.


Taryn went right into “Heathering”, the first track off their newest project Gumption. Ambience filled the spaces as the crowd grew closer with every note and word. The drums filled the Echo Plex with wave after wave. Without hesitation, they quickly transitioned to “Nothing Moved”, a slower track that was just as drum heavy as the first. Continuing on was an older track from their Jekyll/Hyde EP “Tame One”, besides “Bangs” this is one of my favorite older tracks from them. I couldn’t help it and sang along as Taryn belted,


“Sleeping in your parents bed, are you anxious of all your best?
Oh, tame one, who are you holding words for?
Oh, maimed one, who are you?”


My beer was almost gone after the tundra of feelings hit me hard when the song dissipated. I got myself together. Taryn nervously thanked the crowd for coming out and introduced herself and the boys. She was shy, but when you hear her voice, you would think she could control the weather.


The group went along with more tracks from Gumption, “Come Back From It”, “Gumption”, and “Who Will I Be in the Morning”. Although there was a minor microphone mishap during one of the songs, Taryn played it off well and still kept the show going with no stops and was able to laugh it off like a true sport.


The band ended their show with “Expectation/Reality”, a heavy guitar/vocal track from Jekyll/Hyde which kept the crowd standing at attention as Taryn took over control with her voluminous voice. I stood there in awe I couldn’t believe just how much they brought these songs to a higher level than their studio recorded versions. I’m forever in love with this band and I can’t wait to keep seeing them in the future.


Taryn and the band thanked everyone for coming out and all i wanted to do was yell, “One more song!!!”. I suppose The fan in me wanted to hear more from their previous EP, or maybe I just wanted to hear more of Taryn’s beautiful voice. I couldn’t decide which was better.  I drove home after the other acts and blared Gumption through my truck as L.A.’s skyline lit brightly onto the 101.