Mild High Club at Holocene

Mild High Club. All photos by Meggyn Pomerleau

This past week, faith in humanity, creativity, and luminescence was restored.

New reinvented old, intricate brushed upon minimalistic, and subtly kissed the edge of elaboration. This is how one explains Mild High Club, the brain child of Alexander Brettin.

This show, more like a history of jazz, soul, blues, and r&b, was a delicate showcase of evolution at Holocene Thursday night. Mild High Club rang us through melodies of past and present, including songs from their full length Timeline and their upcoming Skiptracing. I nearly lost my mind when “The Chat” glistened through my ears and soul, but I somehow held it together with the calmness of the venue as an aid. Staring onto the stage, I wondered how humans were capable of such skill.


A shy man full of youth, Alex stood tall in his oversized print shirt, and his voice flirted through every track the audience beckoned for. Though you could barely hear him, his tone was easily identifiable and rang through the haze. The audience swayed slower and slower as the band played their calming sedation, seemingly and naturally make shifting their way though the set. The lights dimmed, and their fingers walked across and upon their instruments, begging us to join them in their futuristic and heavy daze.

I couldn’t help but inch further and deeper as they tiptoed into their cover/encore for the night, “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”. The soul child in me pounced but dancing within the venue was scarce. Did anyone even truly realize the beauty that was happening? The recreation of beauty filled my ears, and Alex gracefully played through the historical boner jam like he was born to do this.

He is the one and only alien mastermind of Stones Throw.

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