Our Controversial Priority List of FYF 2016


For twelve years FYF has taken what was once a small gathering at the now Echoplex into a two-day festival, with an eclectic mix of artists whether major or independent, past and present. After Goldenvoice took over the role of the festival’s legacy, it’s grown into one of the better music festivals you can attend.

With the surprise booking of Kanye West last year in lieu of Frank Ocean dropping out and utilizing Exposition Park  (which has much better facilities and space), they’re one of the few events that have truly catered to fans and music lovers.

We’ve compiled a list of musicians we plan on seeing this year (we suggest you see them too).

Kendrick Lamar



Coming off of an amazing year with his latest releases To Pimp a Butterfly and Untitled. Unmastered., the TDE leader and Compton rapper has showed no signs of slowing down. With the production help of Dr. Dre, Flying Lotus, Thundercat, and Knxwledge, the messages of positivity and strife thru Kendrick’s lyrics are heard loud and clear. With the young rapper just tapping his lyrical abilities, this is the one artist you will not want to miss.

Tame Impala



Fact: Currents is a great album, like really great. Singer and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Parker broke through barriers of sound for the past three years before releasing what was hailed by Pitchfork as “..the result of a supernaturally talented obsessive trying to perfect music.”

If that isn’t cosign enough to see them live, we don’t know what is.

Vince Staples



Long Beach native and freshman MC, Vince Staples, is making a name. With the debut of Summertime ’06, Vince has had no problem taking over the radio with hits like “Señorita” and “Norf Norf”, bringing stories of life and struggle with brash delivery.

Hop Along



The uniqueness of Frances Quinlan’s voice can capture your heart in one note. With the band being lead by a strong vocalist and songwriter, they’ll have no trouble standing out among the variety of bands that play that weekend. Their powerful sophomore album Painted Shut has not gone unnoticed, and this truly is a band you need to keep an eye out for.

Alex G



Alex doesn’t stop making music. From his debut in 2010 until recently, he’s given us almost a new album every year. His projects are the epitome of hard work- oozing talent and genre-bending instrumentation. We were lucky enough to be able to see him in Los Angeles just a few months ago at Echo Plex, but with a much larger platform we can only imagine the greater sound he and the band can output.

Saves The Day

(Performing Stay What You Are in full)



Look, we were all young once. We may have gotten into bands we now regret (ahem Panic!), but some bands from our youth still hold a dear place in our heart. Stay What You Are by Saves The Day is one of those albums that could never leave. The beginning words of At Your Funeral, “This song will be come the anthem of..” have been embedded in our brains forever, and I’m certain some of you who just read that couldn’t help but sing along in your head. This isn’t a pop-punk band reliving their glory, it’s a pop-punk band that’s going bring us all the feels.

Julia Holter



Since childhood, Julia has been involved with music. Her ability to stay true to the sound she knows and wants to put out is what puts her in my book as one of my favorite artists. Being influenced by jazz, downtempo, and world music, Julia creates a sonic space in which I find peace. Her vocal prowess exudes even more so the deep musicianship she possesses. Her set will be one I won’t forget.





I know there’s lots of R&B artists out today that have been trying their hardest to mimic Janet Jackson. In Kelela’s case, she may have Janet’s charisma, but she’s in a whole different class on her own. While being raised in D.C., Kelela made the trek out to Los Angeles making features with the likes of Teengirl Fantasy and EFX. Through this opportunity, she then linked with Fade To Mind collective and produced her first solo project Cut 4 Me in 2013. If her album is a reflection of her live performance, I’m sure my face will melt perfectly.

Blood Orange




Dev Hynes is no stranger to FYF. Just last year, he was apart of Solange Knowles‘ band last year contributing backing vocals and multiple instruments and also having his own slot in 2014. Coming off the surprise release of his second full-length project Freetown Sound, Dev has surprisingly kept shows on the low. He’s only so far playing three times in Los Angeles (twice at the Ace Hotel) and only one show in Berkeley, CA. With no signs of announcing more tour dates, this may be one the few chances we get to see him live this year!


Beach House




It should come to no surprise that Beach House has made the list. Whether you’ve been listening to them since Teen Dream or their most recent Depression Cherry, you can’t deny the amazing chemistry and song-writing between Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. Their live performances alone are memorable ones with Victoria staying true to her vocal power and keeping the crowd enthralled with every word she rings out. I can promise you that this will not be a waste of an hour of your life.


Mac DeMarco



I know, I know. “How could you not put LCD Soundsystem on this list?? They’ve retired and now they’re back with a new album!” Yeah, we know. We get it, but they retired and honestly that MSG performance is embedded in my brain and would like to keep it in heart forever.

Anyway, It’s fucking Mac DeMarco. He has consistently put out three projects in a row which have blurred the lines between soul, R&B, and (honest-to-God) rock music. It’s also his fourth appearance in a row at FYF! There’s a reason they keep booking him, people!


Now that we’ve given you the run down on who we plan on seeing, please always feel free to make your own decisions!

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