Navigating Through Otherworldly Madness: Pickathon 2016


It’s not every day in an amateur cyclist’s life that they decide to climb high elevations at quick intervals in order to attend the festival of their dreams. In fact, this is a dream.

This was my Friday. Gasping for air about every five minutes on this high mileage ride, I had no idea what to expect. Upon my arrival, I examined tons of beautiful sun-kissed bodies slowly pacing in the mid afternoon Portland day. There were useful art installations everywhere, marking stages, beer gardens, and nesting spots. The set up was breath taking.


However, the best was yet to come.IMG_4724IMG_4728

Wolf Parade

Throughout this incredible festival, smiles weren’t lost. The weather was fair and the vibes were positive. Pickathon is cherished among many for lots of reasons, but my main reason was that all my favorite artists were playing multiple sets throughout the weekend. Everything below is completely self explanatory.

Ty Segall and the Muggers

La Luz

Included above are photos from my favorite sets of the weekend.

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