Glitter Sprayer Dump Box Beat Player Cherry Glazerr at Doug Fir




Illustration by Meggyn Pomerleau. Article by Adrianna Aguirre

A death metal growl projected through the speakers by keyboardist Sami, lone on the stage. Jolting the audience out of their casual, murmuring pre-show banter that happens between sets, she played a few notes then proceeded off stage like nothing happened. Shortly after, all besides lead singer Clementine came to the stage. Cherry Glazerr began improvising on their respective instruments.

Sami left the stage once more- this time to carry Clementine over her shoulder from backstage to her microphone stand, stage front, and positioned her into place. The band immediately charged into “Sip O’Poison”, leaving the audience no choice but to move closer and begin jumping around.

The amount of energy and the pleasantly chaotic atmosphere Clementine creates is something from another world- a force that can be equally expected and completely flabbergasting from the 19 year old rockstar. Abstract, colorful vulva renderings hung about the stage, random bouts of guttural growls and high pitched squeals exploded from the girls during songs, and excessive amounts of glitter were continually spewed across the audience from a fan near the stage. Anyone who was feeling a bit sluggish at the beginning of the performance, which started close to 10pm on a Thursday evening, were jolted back to life and then some by the end of the first song.

The band mainly played songs off of their 2017 release Apocolipstick but threw in some old favorites like “Had Ten Dollaz” and “Teenage Girl“.

Multi-instrumentalist Sami was equally expressive in her wonderful weirdness. In one instance between songs, the girls were engaging with the audience in a playful demeanor and Sami improvised an upbeat, derogatory beatbox shout-out to the current US president, which resulted in a several minute jam session roast.

Cherry Glazerr is a band that knows how to have fun and fascinate their audience. Not only are they genuine entertainers, but they can play their instruments very well. Make sure to catch them live to recharge your batteries and pick up a copy of Apocolipstick.



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