Falling in Love with Jay Som


Imagine becoming so smitten. You dive headfirst into a new crush, completely blindsided by feelings of positivity, comfort, and genuine happiness. This was my overwhelming welcome to Jay Som.

Melina Duterte of Jay Som. All photos by Meggyn Pomerleau

The brainchild of Melina Duterte, Jay Som is reimagined pop, swirling with lustful haze and dreamy chords. It’s impeccably current and timeless all at once. Both Turn Into and Everybody Works were on repeat the week leading up to Pickathon, but nothing could have prepared me for their performance.

Humbly taking the Treeline stage, Melina and her live band [consisting of Oliver Pinnell on guitar, Zachary Elsasser on drums, and Dylan Allard playing bass] welcomed the crowd with “Turn Into”, a musical mosaic of dream pop cascading into jazz sweeping into speed metal at the most unexpected moments. It was perfectly clear that this band’s congruity was natural and unlike most—they were one. Between Oliver’s playful glints of shredding, Zachary’s brilliant timing, and Dylan’s profound fingerpicking, it was clear this was going to be imprinted on me forever.

Dylan Allard of Jay Som
Oliver Pinnell of Jay Som

While Melina made multiple mentions of how excited and thankful they were to be in attendance at the most “mind blowing festival”, everyone in the crowd was in turn thankful to be listening to them.

Transitioning into “Everybody Works”, a truly heartfelt jam, everyone on stage was again in a perfect giddy sync. Once I heard the opening to “For Light”, I felt happy tears coming on and let my entire body feel every sound pouring out. It’s impossible for a band to play forever, but I would choose them if this were to ever become a reality.

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