Sum of R’s Orga—the soundtrack to 2017.

Sum Of R_2017_Promophoto.jpg
Reto Mäder & Fabio Costa of Sum of R, promotional photo

Reto Mäde is the brainchild of Sum of R, a Switzerland-based construct/deconstruct musical project. Sum of R has been re-imagining the music scene, one symphony at a time. With the release of Orga just around the corner, I was invited to dive into the dark, alluring world that the composer created. 

Introducing a chilling start with “Intro Please Ring the Bells” and “Overgrown”, Orga is the unparalleled haunted house backing track you could ever ask for. As the album drifts more into a melancholic ballad, it could very easily be envisioned as the score to any Christopher Nolan work.

Cobalt Powder”, the single from the album, was begging me to edge closer and closer to the edge of my chair. A delicate drumbeat framing a taunting paranoia of keys came to an abrupt end. It boasted the energy of Massive Attack while mirroring Boards Of Canada’s precision and beauty.

“After the Passing of Risk” could easily make its way onto someone’s intimate playlist. The mood gradually grows darker and darker with chords pouring in towards the end, finalizing the fervency.

The album draws to a close with more shallow, creeping paranoia, building you up for the re introduction of noisy old vocal recordings that were found in the intro. All in all, Orga is a beautiful timeless work that everyone—doom enthusiast or not—can enjoy….that is if you can continue the rest of your day with a tinge of despair.

Orga is available September 17th through Czar of Revelations (CD) and Cyclic Law (LP).