Hopelessly Romantically Perfecting Club Disco: FM Attack’s Stellar

“This album represents emotion and nostalgia.”

FM Attack is BC native Shawn Ward. Many remember his ‘80s drenched beats from Nicolas Winding Refn‘s Drive. His latest album, Stellar, is an eight track masterpiece featuring MNYNMS (“Many Names”), a Texan synth-pop trio. The album as a whole is a brilliant work of delicate synth and driving bass leaving you begging for more.

Upon hearing the first few seconds of “Inner Space”, I was convinced my radio had been switched to some ‘80s station. My immediate reaction to anything of that era is to turn it off but something kept me listening. The song is glazed in sex appeal. Starting off softly, it abruptly escalates to a provocative anthem of the night. Vocals from MNYNMS easily channel Madonna and Paula Abdul throughout, connecting past to present and future.

“Oceans Apart”, a bittersweet electro ballad, easily became my favorite. Introduced by ceremonial strumming, the song drifts into an introspective mood. It lingers on the raw feelings of a relationship and resurfaces the pain of heartbreak. Lyrics and feels aside, I found myself swaying to the downtempo beat.

One thing is clear about FM Attack. He’s mindful of seizing a listener’s attention. Rarely within the album is a dull or ordinary moment. The melodies are calculated and beats are exact. For anyone longing for an electronic indie revival, it has finally arrived.

Stellar is released by Starfield Music.

Listen on Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, and iTunes.

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