Flowers are blooming. Days are getting longer. It’s time to stop hiding and rebirth your self-care practices in time for spring’s arrival. Below are some of the most talented artists under 25, DIY leaders in their genre, and the most sultry, soulful vibes.

From gyroman‘s throwback sounds of earlier times to the silky purs of Daniel Caesar, these are the songs you needed yesterday.

Track listing:
Jordan Rakei & Kiran Kai – “Maya”
Sir – “Cannabis and Karaoke”
Gyro Man – “Ramen”
Bluestaeb featuring Noah Slee & MAÏA – “Mind”
OtterNotBe – “Vice Versa”
Mikwerdna – “Citalopram”
Jessi Lee featuring Ben Eunson – “Human”
Abbi Press – “Never Try, Never Know”
Daniel Caesar featuring Syd (of The Internet– “Take Me Away”
Nelyland – “Sunrise”
MKSTN, Inna Powell, Tea Kittagucci, & Nevon – “Venice Lovin’
Firewood Supply Co – “Snowday”
Brad Stank of (SundogsTrudy and the Romance) – “OTD”
CK & Hlava – “Light the Way”
FKJ & ((O)) – “Vibin’ Out”
TESHA – “Dreams”

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