Smooth jazz is a genre of music that grew out of jazz fusion blended with easy listening pop music, featuring a polished pop feel with little to no jazz improvisation.

As a late 20-something who has been through albums and albums of my dad’s smooth jazz (i.e: Kenny G), I can personally say this jazz form needs an update.

Here’s a playlist* in tribute to the cheesiest sax from some of the best ambient jazz emerging from the DIY scene.

*Best when listened to by a fire, during rush hour traffic, or when you are getting pumped 4 a NITE OUT.

Track listing:

The Admirables  Rice Pudding
Teck-Zilla  Soul Retro
FUNCC  jazz blitz
  Love Spy
Mona ValeSettle Down
Yo Daddy DoeNo More
ElaquentCelebrate Life!
Kawa NanukMooncave
Bluestaeb  Left & Right
LEO NITE – “Test Signal”
Dámì Sule – “Prayer”
Pablo Zuazo – São Paulo Downtown
Jonny Element – Pasintabi
King Billy  Stank


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