Updated May 7, 2018

#BLACKLIVESMATTER has taken off the last couple of years. People can be “woke” about hardships gained from birth for people of color, but what about supporting those currently creating, challenging, and thriving?

FOUND has collected tracks from following artists that left us with the message of struggling to survive in a world with everything against you. Happy Black History Month.

 “Ishi” by Jonesiii From the Moon
“24 Hrs” by Sarob 
“Reflection” by Big O
“Hip Hop Junkie” by Ivory!
“Diddy Bop” by Noname featuring Raury & Cam O’bi
“4 wut tho” by Steve Lacy 
“Forever” by .Soule.
“Day2Day” by Tunji Ige
“Step” by Sugi Dakks
“NAMELESS” by Glasco Starr
“Too Busy” by Tamara Bubble

start a revolution.

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