Rhythm & Blues Transformed: An Interview with Palm Dat

Palm Dat // Akila Fields. Photo by Robert Warren

Palm Dat is Akila Fields, a musician, composer, visionary, and photographer previously filed under the moniker Sleepy Villain. I can easily place Palm Dat at one of the most remarkable musical experiences I’ve ever had: a collection of artists playing a live rendition of what they think the soundtrack should be to Akira Kurasawa‘s 1990 film “Dreams”. Paired with Grammies‘ saxophonist Noah Bernstein and a projected screen behind them, Akila composed more than just a few songs. He created the mood.

Photo by Akila Fields of Shy Girls

Beautiful Word Aint the Truth, his latest release, flirts with every pleasurable genre and ultimately transcends r&b. Akila is masterful in that most listeners need variety, and we’ve been given that and more. An album that truly has something for everyone, Beautiful Word Aint the Truth is worth checking out as soon as possible (and it’s streaming here for free). Read our interview below (we’ve left it in a modern format easiest on the eyes).

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 5.53.01 PM

Catch Palm Dat on INTUITIVE NAVIGATION every Saturday night at 6 on XRAY.fm.

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