Self-care is important, but sometimes we don’t have the right playlist to motivate us. “Nitro” has aided the hardest workouts and toughest depression while mending self-deprecating ideals. Here is my personal offering of music that will brighten your mood, no matter how bad it gets.

Track listing:
I’m Good, I’m Gone” by Friendly Fires (Lykke Li cover)
“Another Life” by Robin Thicke & The Neptunes 
“In The Middle of the Night” by Tom Misch
“Relax Your Mind” by Abe Music
“Back 2 Me” by Night Tales
“I’m In Love” (Mogul remix) by Deeno O & Initial Talk
“Turn My Body Up” by Dirty Radio
“Date Night” by Flava & Dion Isaiah
“You My Future” by LARION
“Leila” (Le Felix remix) by Miami Horror
“Vice”  by K, Le Maestro
“Internal Discord” by Tomb Boss Radio Future
“Dance On” by aboveDat & Jesse Boykins III
“So Brand New” by Shay Lia
“Compromise” by Christian Rich, Sinead Harnett & Goldlink
“Good For That” by L8LOOMER & Anne Dereaux
Blue Soda” by Y & POMO
“Close Encounters of the Third Time” by fiveoclockcharlie
Man Has Arrived” by POST ELVIS
“Talk” by BODÉ
“All Good” by 
“Metro House” by 
indigos paradise


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