A quiet night for me typically means inviting in the wonders of the web. On such a night, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Ed Mount dancing in front of vibrant colors and patterns in his latest music video, “Don’t You Remember”. There was something suave yet very Napoloean Dynamite about it, and the visuals were enough to spawn my curiosity about the musician and his “musical laboratory”. Read the interview below.


How did you conceive the music video for “Don’t You Remember”? Were you going after a certain theme?

The main idea was the green screen shooting- me singing in front of the camera with cheesy beach backgrounds. The director/editor came up with all the crazy effects.

Describe your musical background.

I started playing piano and guitar at the age of 12. Transcribing chords of songs like Radiohead or RHCP. My guitar teacher introduced me to Charlie Parker, and it was a huge impact on my playing and on the way I apprehended harmony.

What is your go-to karaoke song?

I tried karaoke for the first time this past New Year’s Eve with crappy Youtube videos! Spice Girls, Michel Jonasz, Sgt. Pepper, things like that. My favorite would be “My Song” by Elton John– deep yet accessible.

What sort of environment do you want your listeners to imagine themselves in when they hear your music?

In a car at sunset.

How did you concept tiny details such as the kaleidoscope effect?

I give infinite kudos to the director Jao.


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