Hip-Hop $uper$tar: A Review of Patti Cake$


“I want you to meet Patti Cakes, the poet I won’t shut up about.”


Danielle Macdonald‘s starring performance as Patricia Dombrowski aka Patti Cakes invokes anger, especially when you fall into the role of being her cheerleader. The film paints a picture of a hardworking artist destined to become a hip-hop star. She’s a shy young white woman with a thick Jersey accent trying to find herself and her path, but it’s immediately apparent she has the skill to outwit the male-dominated scene.

Throughout the movie, Patricia goes through so many mishaps and so much bad luck, you might even talk to the screen, telling her to stop.


There’s a scene where she turns off the music during one of her catering jobs in a venerated hip-hop artist’s home in hopes that he will love her style and give her the magic elevator ride to stardom. She slides him her demo.

“You ain’t no artist. You a culture vulture who ain’t got a clue who is you is.”

It’s at this moment, the audience stops cheering on Patricia and looks at the bigger picture. Even when she kills it during a performance and she doesn’t win, that’s okay. She gracefully accepts the experience and validation in every crowd’s overwhelmingly positive reception.

She’s a skilled rapper, and in the end, she gets the exposure she truly wants.