Below is a collection of modern day pop, abstracted and interpret through the eyes of DIY artists- all the way from the Netherlands to Portland, Oregon. Sit back, take a listen, and let the music enfold you.

Track Listing:
Sunken - "Over The Days"
Shook - "I Will Be There"
Jonny Element - "Paraluman"
MOWUKIS - "A Quick Stab In The Heart"
The Solarists - "CRYPTK"
IAN RICHTER - "An Arab And A Jew Make Sweet Love"
SACHI featuring E^ST - "Hollywood Angel"
S E N S I - "Pools Of Water / Hanging Around"
Boy Willows - "So Odd"
Yellow Shoots - river
DANSU - Don't You Give Up
slenderbodies - take you home
Ducks! - Top Horse
No Kind of Rider - Distinct
Margot Polo - Dance With Me



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