Self-care is important, but sometimes we don’t have the right playlist to motivate us. “Nitro” has aided the hardest workouts and toughest depression while mending self-deprecating ideals. Here is my personal offering of music that will brighten your mood, no matter how bad it gets.

Track listing:
I’m Good, I’m Gone” by Friendly Fires (Lykke Li cover)
“Another Life” by Robin Thicke & The Neptunes 
“In The Middle of the Night” by Tom Misch
“Relax Your Mind” by Abe Music
“Back 2 Me” by Night Tales
“I’m In Love” (Mogul remix) by Deeno O & Initial Talk
“Turn My Body Up” by Dirty Radio
“Date Night” by Flava & Dion Isaiah
“You My Future” by LARION
“Leila” (Le Felix remix) by Miami Horror
“Vice”  by K, Le Maestro“Internal Discord” by Tomb Boss Radio Future
“Dance On” by aboveDat & Jesse Boykins III
“So Brand New” by Shay Lia
“Compromise” by Christian Rich, Sinead Harnett & Goldlink
“Good For That” by L8LOOMER & Anne Dereaux
Blue Soda” by Y & POMO
“Close Encounters of the Third Time” by fiveoclockcharlie
Man Has Arrived” by POST ELVIS
“Talk” by BODÉ
“All Good” by 
“Metro House” by 
indigos paradise
“One Last Time” by Road Kahan
“Agenda” by Phantoms & Nicole Millar
“El Gato” By Durosai


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