A Well Dressed Evening with Gabriel Garzón-Montano


All photography by Briget Baker

Gabriel Garzón-Montano brought a presence to the sold-out stage of Roseland Theatre on September 14th, one difficult to define. At the Roseland, shows will sometimes be all-ages. In this case, there isn’t just one type of attendee. High schoolers that set trends on Instagram were there. Local baristas were there, along with a few cool dads. However, there was one commonality that each individual shared: everyone was excited to be present and listen.

Garzón-Montano has been performing since childhood. His mother was part of the Philip Glass Ensemble and the choir of the NYC Opera. It’s in his blood.
Garzón-Montano began his set seated at the piano performing tunes from Jardín, his most recently released album- a dedication to Prince. He wore a memorable, perfectly tailored suit with bell pant legs that could be best admired when he began playing guitar at center stage  (very Prince inspired). 
Garzón-Montano’s performance garnered a great deal of respect from his audience. People knew the tunes, and those in the front swayed and danced. A loud cheer erupted when Fruitflies began to play within the first few songs.
An unexpected element that he included in his performance as the opener for Kali Uchis was an outfit change. While the set was only about 30 minutes, Garzón-Montano changed looks about three quarters into his set into a clear rain slicker jacket with a yellow outfit underneath.
His music can be enjoyed in any setting: be it a concert, a bathtub, a dinner party at a charming apartment – or on HBO’s hit show, Insecure. I sincerely look forward to the growth of Garzón-Montano over the next year and hope to see him headline with more than just two looks.