Discovering DIY: June Music Releases

Marsupial Soup 
Neon Nights

A nostalgic landscape of retro synth, guttural vocals, and simplistic beats, Neon Nights is a laid-back jam perfect for summer nights. Marsupial Soup‘s debut single uncovers themes on self doubt and discovery.
Origin: United Kingdom
Kindred sounds: Alex Cameron, Depeche Mode, LCD Soundsystem


Golden Hour

Introspective chill you can loop for eternity. Music producer Tieran emphasizes a *certain* mood and rawness in his latest single Golden Hour, which also makes a great soundtrack at sunset.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Evil Needle, Kaytranada, Warren Xclnce


Bk & Johnny Chrome
$ (Money) In My Hand

Flow fused with vintage r&b sounds and an airy sample comprise this hip-hop jam.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Nate Dogg, Juvenile



Spectre‘s hypnotic and progressive melody is easy to get lost in. Alex‘s wide-range vocals flirt with harp, synth, and trip-hop beats and end with a deep crescendo. If you can’t get enough, check out Recklessness, the visual companion for Spectre.
Origin: United Kingdom
Kindred sounds: Local Natives, Active Child


Oli Hannaford
Say It

Neo-soul with a wavy beat and silky harmonies, Oli Hannaford delivers another single from his latest EP If You Wanna. Featuring the vocals of N.O.M.A.D. Luke and Scarlett Fae.
Origin: United Kingdom
Kindred sounds: Tom Misch, Jordan Rakei



A funky, uplifting r&b anthem by the underground team of talent featuring Clear Mortifee.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: The Internet, Erykah Badu, Moonchild



Catchy pop artist Maeby evokes self-empowerment and vocalizes a dark inner thirst in her latest track Dive.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Lily Allen, Cherry Glazerr


aaron joseph russo
so tired

Soulful bedroom pop from an authentic sad boi. Read more about the masterful musician in our previous interview here.
Origin: Australia
Kindred sounds: King Krule, Beach Fossils


Stereo Match
Worship You

Groovy downbeat from the mind of Los Angeles’ Eric Cannata (Young The Giant).
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Gorillaz, Miami Horror


Abc Dialect

Chirping birds and pure disco cultivate bliss in Abc Dialect‘s Searching. Listen to the full EP here, close your eyes, and meditate into an evening in Barcelona.
Origin: Spain
Kindred sounds: Chrome Sparks, Jupiter


Flat Tired Chuck

Heavy garage that “brings stoner rock back to its embryonic state”. The full length Doom City is due this September, and personally, I can’t wait to headbang to all of it.
Origin: Netherlands
Kindred sounds: Meatbodies, WAND, Sonic Youth



Lo-fi beats and an angelic sample pair better than cheese and wine in the mysterious bedroom producer’s latest kokiri.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: yaeji, slum village, Lakim


In The Garden

The traditionally electronic musician takes a new step into folk and ambient sounds with In The Garden, featuring the alluring vocals of Lina Tullgren.
Origin: Denmark
Kindred sounds: Massive Attack, Jessica Lea Mayfield


Moon Day

An unexpected psychedelic instrumental that will sweep you off your feet. From the alter ego and wildly creative outlet of multi-instrumentalist Hannes Glans.
Origin: Sweden
Kindred sounds: Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra



Sultry vocals mirroring a deep beat make up the ultimate jam from Swedish babes Visiteur.
Kindred sounds: Friendly Fires, Kings of Leon


Love Deluxe
Campari & Coke

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m game for Campari & Coke after listening to this blend of bongos, synthesizers, and saxophone solos. 133BPM and recorded with a Tascam in Citadel of Calvi, Haute-Corse.
Origin: Australia
Kindred sounds: Todd Terje


Kevin Holliday
Always On

Heat things up with this minimal & funky tune.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Homeshake, Steve Lacy, N.E.R.D.


Paco Versailles

French-disco-meets-flamenco in this retro-tinged slow-burner.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Jamiroquai, Daft Punk


A Daydream Person
A Day of Night(Soiree)

Animatronic house music with an experimental beat from the imaginative Daydream Person.
Origin: South Korea
Kindred sounds: Flying Lotus, Lone


Nyer Lemon
Let’s Get Down

Groovy + sexy French house with soulful vocals and hype-man loops. This one eagerly awaits your next party playlist.
Origin: France
Kindred sounds: Daft Punk, Justice


Sudden Changes

A chill beat for long drives and long mornings.
Origin: Sweden
Kindred sounds: Satin Jackets, Kaskade


Adorn 16

Funeral doom sung in Russian, Alyosha is a haunting and well-crafted wall of sound.
Origin: Azerbaijan
Kindred sounds: Darkest Hour


The Burnsteins
Where I Live @

Sassy femme hip hop that we all need more of. Watch the music video here.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Thee Satisfaction, Kari Faux


Still Motions
Where You Found Me

Post-rock treasure and the latest from Thomas Brenneman (El West) and Chris Julian (Greeley Estates).
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Explosions in the Sky, This Will Destroy You, Mogwai



Take this track on your next night drive to really feel like Ryan Gosling. From the debut album, Metro.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Com Truise, Tycho, College


Jungle Brown
Keep It Moving

Crisp + crafted hip-hop with sultry sax, and wise words by Ric Flo, MAEAR and Tony Bones.
Origin: United Kingdom
Kindred sounds: A Tribe Called Quest, Joey Bada$$, De La Soul


5th Planet

Like a silver liquid gel pen, this track slides across vast wasteland and makes it worthwhile and stunning.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: College, Cinnamon Chasers, Com Truise



LVNASA‘s vocal style is a force in Nautic— deep, sultry, and luring you in beat by beat.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Tyler the Creator

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