Discovering DIY: July Music Releases

Feather Weight 
Something Else

Distant vocals meet a playful melody in this uplifting tune.
Origin: Canada
Kindred sounds: Wolf Parade, Kite Party


Stray Fossa

Moody lo-fi with layered harmonization and a binge-worthy melody, Eyze is easily one of my favorite tracks this summer.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Pinback, Wray


Modern Hell
Shiny Part

Apocalyptic lo-fi with an edge, Modern Hell‘s Shiny Part boasts “equal parts punk, pop, and playful paranoia”.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Weed, Wild Moth, Meatbodies


Learn to Let It Go

Great advice in the form of lo-fi disco from Sydney-based songwriter Renwick. Learn to Let It Go is bright, airy, and uplifting, and it deserves a place in your daily morning playlist.
Origin: Australia
Kindred sounds: Memory Tapes


Clemens and Co
Who U Love

It can’t get sultrier than this. Influenced by early 2000’s rhythm and blues, Who U Love tells the story of a “situationship” and having to choose between two lovers.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Frank Ocean, N.E.R.D., The Internet


Reduction Plan
The River

Delicate vibrato encased in a thick layer of reverb, The River brings 80s industrial goth back to life.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Bowie, The Cure


My Only

Tender disco-pop with a colorful and airy aesthetic, ARCHE‘s My Only is easy to love.
Origin: France
Kindred sounds: Friendly Fires, Metronomy


Moon Boots
Tied Up

High fashion deep house with jazzy undertones and club beats.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Sunni Colòn


Lucy In Disguise

Soft psych pop from producer Miynt that sets you up for a thoughtful mood.
Origin: Sweden
Kindred sounds: TOPS, Metric


Mama Yaya
Return of the Mack

A typically unpalatable song for me, Mama Yaya‘s cover of Return of the Mack offers a unique and soulful revisit to the iconic summer jam.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Nai Palm


Black Beach Baby
All I Know

The Stockholm duo crafts nostalgia once again with All I Know, a reflective & analog-esque composition.
Origin: Sweden
Kindred sounds: Mac DeMarco, Wild Nothing


Tokyo Tea Room
Always Tomorrow

Minimal and tender, Tokyo Tea Room fuses bedroom pop and psych in this hypnotic serenade.
Origin: United Kingdom
Kindred sounds: Tame Impala



Beats and dramatic crescendos beckon you to technical synth bliss in Consumer.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Jon Hopkins, Massive Attack, Thom Yorke


Nolan Garrett
Better Weather

Poetic and introspective psych-pop touching on life changes and the Pacific Northwest, Nolan Garrett‘s Better Weather is a lure and a vibe.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Jim James, Paul Cherry


girl in red
i’ll die anyway

Gorgeous vocals glimmering in lo-fi pop will have you falling in love with girl in red‘s life, outlook, and work.
Kindred sounds: Winter, No Vacation



Playful instrumentation carve out a path for introspection in Soft, a must listen for post-rock fans of all ages.
Origin: Sweden
Kindred sounds: Grizzly Bear, Craft Spells


The Real Punx
So Real

Classic disco is resurfaced in this soulful, funky jam.
Origin: United Kingdom
Kindred sounds: Jupiter


Paul William

Escapee of the Church turned R&B songwriter Paul William shares Changing, an eclectic sultry release.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Chingy


With A Feeling

Modern jazz with an easy drop, With A Feeling is a perfect backdrop to your next sunset.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Tom Misch


The Goods
Let’s Roll

Wavy grooves with a party vibe, you’ll wanna roll with these goods.
Origin: Australia
Kindred sounds: Kaytranada


Napolean Gold (feat. Haiva Ru)
Love Don’t Cut Me Down

Chillwave with a disco flair for night drives and self care.
Origin: Belgium
Kindred sounds: Little Boots


Someday River
So It Glows

Reverberation and delicate strumming, So It Glows is a clever instrumental that is ever-changing and driving.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Kurt Vile


Steppin Up

Atmospheric disco with a rapid bass and deep harmonies, Steppin Up is ideal for the next Dance Dance Revolution soundtrack.
Origin: Netherlands
Kindred sounds: Justice


Mystical Thoughts

Close your eyes while you traverse the ambient waves of Mystical Thoughts.
Origin: Ireland
Kindred sounds: Kiasmos


Kevin Holliday
Hot and Fun

I’m already obsessed with everything Kevin Holliday releases, but he always outdoes himself and puts out an even sultrier track each time. If Kevin’s not on your radar, it’s time to pay attention.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Steve Lacy


No Rest or Endless Rest

Simple downbeat with the ultimate progression, Lisofv composes breathy and atmospheric trip hop rivaling the best in the scene.
Origin: South Korea
Kindred sounds: Thievery Corporation, Zero 7


Fern Murphy

Chill shoegaze pop with a nod to the golden-era Captured Tracks roster, Fern Murphy delivers a charming introduction to their craft in this slow burner.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Wild Nothing


Photographic Afternoons

Minimal reverberating pop with a classic vocal style mirroring the anthems in badass femme-centric action films.
Kindred sounds: Desire, Ariel Pink


Secret Shame

Soft nü wave featuring sultry femme vocalisations and 80s nostalgia, “Calm” induces not quite a calming feeling but hopefully a lustful one.
Kindred sounds: Angel Olsen, Soft Kill, Veil Veil Vanish


Casual Crypt
Mocking Widow

80s Brit-pop handcrafted by American James Vernon. If you seek dreamy, look no further.
Kindred sounds: Temples, Tame Impala


Waivs & Kodiak Soul

Repeatable chill hip-hop with an uplifting message.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Jeremih

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