Solaris Hilton Releases The Tribute Mixtape of Rare Tracks: B-Sides

“Pour up”, Solaris Hilton laments through his mixtape of Tamil, Bengali, and Bollywood music. Largely influenced by his Indian heritage and childhood in Georgia, the musician collects and remixes traditional music his trademark distinctive vaporwave/sarcastic electro style. The following mix comprises of iconic pop covers, glittering traditional Eastern, and glitchy trap.


  1. sneha – goa
  2. alisha chinia – papa don’t preach madonna cover
  3. sneha khanwalker – bhahuut khoob
  4. jai paul – str8 outta mumbai
  5. a.r. rahman and shreya ghoshal – Nannare

RIP DJ SCREW  (headphones recommended)

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