Discovering DIY: August Music Releases

Secret Mall 

Progressive jazz with a vaporwave influence and a midway tempo shift reminiscent of Super Mario.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Wolf Parade, Kite Party, Vektroid


Paco Versailles
Shangri La

Uplifting electro-indie with airy vocals, Paco Versailles create a musical paradise in their latest track. Check out the duo’s previous release Unwind here.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Empire of the Sun


Tera Kòrá & Youp featuring Thierry Ganz

Simple, soft rhythm and blues newly released by sultry experts Majestic Casual. Tera Kòrá and Youp successfully ride the fine line of chillbeat and soul with silky vocals.
Origin: Amsterdam + Suriname
Kindred sounds: Xavier Omär


Alone + High

Surfy pop with dreamy vocals, Alone + High sets a melancholic mood and became an instant favorite for thoughtful times with herb.
Origin: United Kingdom
Kindred sounds: Alex G


Stretch Soul Gang featuring Steven Bamidele

Funky soulful jazz with a catchy melody, featuring cashmere smooth falsetto from Steven Bamidele.
Origin: United Kingdom
Kindred sounds: Tom Misch


Evening Star

Heavily influenced by Loveless, Brooklyn-based shoegazers create a wall of sound in this sad-yet-beautiful piece.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: My Bloody Valentine


Yellow Shoots

Possessed is a bright, funky track with sultry undertones, but the lyrics dig deep into dealing with difficult mental states and succumbing to what you can’t control.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Unknown Mortal Orchestra


Jon Vinyl

Vulnerable and sexy, Jon’s vibrant tones shine through in this minimalistic soundscape.
Origin: Canada
Kindred sounds: Craig David, Musiq Soulchild


The Babe Rainbow
Many Moons of Love

Listening to Many Moons of Love will make you believe you’re in the 60s, but you’re not- you’re in the Babe Rainbow. Listen at top volume to induce immediate happiness.
Origin: Australia
Kindred sounds: Allah Lahs


Lauren Faith
Jheeze (Cosmic Love)

Between Lauren‘s playful mezzo soprano and Katranada‘s bouncy production, Jheeze makes the list for pre-pre-party cuts.
Origin: United Kingdom
Kindred sounds: Clara La San


Marquette King

Clean club beats with adrenaline boosting drops, S90210 is the high quality dance track you’ve been craving.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Kaskade


Tie My Hands

Atmospheric hip-hop with grainy loops and brilliant storytelling.
Origin: United Kingdom
Kindred sounds: Bonobo, Saba



Enticing vocals frame sultry jazz in this chill-AF-suite.
Origin: Switzerland
Kindred sounds: Mar, inc.


Mike Zoran
Forever Summer

Fast beats suitable for a beach party on a late summer evening.
Origin: Portugal
Kindred sounds: Todd Terje



Retro instrumental funk with a luring electro beat.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Boards of Canada, Tycho


Levitation Room
Mr. Polydactyl Cat

Jazzy psychedelic with hazy dream-pop vocals, Levitation Room is the future of this favorite reclaimed sound.
United States
Kindred sounds: Connan Mockasin


Mangled Jangles
They Want Your Mind

Crisp + uplifting pop from inadvertent life coaches Mangled Jangles. Consult this chorus to take away themes of mindfulness and self preservation.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Wild Nothing


Mr. Falcon
Two Faced

Relaxed house with a groovy beat straight from the underground.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Dusky


Better Now

An alternative to constantly thinking about our current climate, Laveda provides reassurance and softness.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Kimbra


Blackwave featuring K1D, Caleborate, Pell
Up There

Playful + bouncy hip-hop that’s almost too catchy, written as a homage to the Euro’s last trip to Los Angeles.
Origin: Belgium
Kindred sounds: Joey Bada$$


Out the Matrix featuring Tiazo, Thirty & Jtee The Prophet, Wulf Morpheus

Nostalgic vibes run deep in this ensemble-produced project.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Pro Era


Shallow Waves

Shallow Waves provides something easy to align with if you’ve ever worshipped at the Church of Ty Segall.
Origin: Canada
Kindred sounds: Meatbodies


Carlos Priest
Palm Tree”

Smoky Americana blues from gruff + sexy Carlos Priest‘s repeatable sound. All proceeds from this artist’s work are donated to cancer research.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Wooden Shjips


Stevie Zita
Fantasma IV

Late disco feels in Fantasma run rampant alongside slick vocals and a catchy melody.
Origin: Canada
Kindred sounds: Sean Nicholas Savage


Mia Gladstone
Feel It

Mia’s mainstream pop sound does not go hand in hand with her radical self-love zine, but both are absolutely worth your time.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Kali Uchis


Shiny Darkly
Roll The Dice

A dark spoken-word treat from alt-rockers Shiny Darkly.
Origin: Denmark
Kindred sounds: Pinball, Slint


Daddy Who

Trip-hop loops with glittering keys and a motivating beat.
Origin: Germany
Kindred sounds: Jan Jelinek


Auram & Biawanna

Retribution gets delivered in this fiery downbeat track.
Origin: Canada
Kindred sounds: Etta Bond


Just Go

Influences of motown, reggae, jazz, and Tonga’s Polynesian background comprise this chill piece.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Jordan Rakei


Secret Shame

Ethereal garage pop with vulnerable lyrics and a drumbeat that will get your heart racing. Gift is truly a gift to all.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Corners, Frankie Cosmos


Marc Bianco featuring Yabon
Late Message

Dripping with intimacy and encased in light static, Marc Bianco‘s latest release exhibits his personal homage to the late Herbie Hancock and jazz/neo-soul movement.
Origin: France
Kindred sounds: Leon Vynehall, Disclosure


Liquid Time

Mind-warping psych pop with friendly vocals and plenty of reverb.
Origin: Australia
Kindred sounds: Tame Impala


Aunty Social

An exit letter for a church via smoky-tones and energetic electro beats.
Origin: Canada
Kindred sounds: Wye Oak


Juliet July
Sunday Afternoon

Multidisciplinary artist Juliet July shares the ultimate performance in Sunday Afternoon, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.
Origin: Netherlands
Kindred sounds: Ravyn Lenae


Orchid Mantis featuring Josh Augustin
Where You Are

Chillwave that can and will put you at ease.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Millionyoung


Flora and Fauna

Smooth jazz for millennials, recommended for looping and the ultimate relaxation vibe.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Robert Glasper


Darrell Simms

Minimal hip-hop beats, jazz loops, vulnerability, existentialism- this track has it all.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Pharcyde


Magic Shoppe

Hazy nostalgia encased in grunge and drowned out vocals, Fuckstrated is perfect for a pensive afternoon or early morning solo-mosh session.
Origin: United States
Kindred sounds: Mikal Cronin

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