Best of DIY Music: February 2020

This month covers jazz, r&b, house, funk, post-gaze, hip-hop, and dream pop. Discovering DIY doesn’t typically have a theme, but this one does: best listened to with everyone you love.

Below are the best fiery songs from the music underground of February, 2020.


The GoodsVoodoo


Originally an instrumental project, music producers Badmandela and Rosario enlisted Black Tree to complete The Goods‘ poised and sultry sound. Voodoo comes from their upcoming album II and includes singles Let’s Roll and Peach (which happened to be featured in BET‘s Sistas). Released February 3, 2020. Listen via Soundcloud.



Kindred to DIIV and Gardens & Villa, Barrier is the latest from COOL HEAT, Eden Sierotnik‘s solo project. Self-described as “primitive post-rock” and a nod to nü wave, Barrier reads a lot like a hopeful but sad love song. Released February 4, 2020. Listen via Soundcloud.

Jack PageEither Way


Surprisingly sultry and jazzy, Either Way is a perfect tune to lift your head to on a breezy morning. Jack has crafted another bright, neo-soul gem with this single. The New Zealand musician has an upcoming US/UK tour, so be sure to follow him on Instagram for those dates. Released February 6, 2020. Listen via Spotify.

Louis Prince The Number Thirteen


Louis Prince is Jake McMullen, a California native exploring the waves of jazz, post-rock, and pop. Drawing influence from music of his past (Frank Sinatra, Tom Waits, the Beach Boys, and Christian music), Number Thirteen templates self explorative soul. Stay tuned past the 2:50 marker, you won’t regret it. Catch Louis Prince at SXSW and Treefort Music Fest this year. Released January 17, 2020 by Last Gang Records. Listen via Soundcloud.

HouisPretend Goodbye


Pretend Goodbye is a classic r&b reminiscent song created via email. Produced by French-American artist Gabriel King Houis, aka Houis with lyrics and vocals by Blush’ko, its shimmering melody is breathtakingly sultry. Released February 7, 2020 from Blanket Fort. Listen via Soundcloud.

Ivan AveTriple Double Love


Retro-rooted and soulful, Ivan Ave’s flow in Triple Double Love is almost too smooth to ride out. The sound is carefully crafted and draws influence from Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, and Boiler Room sets. Released February 7, 2020. Listen via Soundcloud.



Alberto De Santiago is NEVER DULL, a DJ/musician producing uplifting house and club music. Taking the polished route, Pleasure is a showcase of cascading synth and simplistic beats. Released February 7, 2020. Listen via Spotify.

Isaac AesiliRain Gods


Isaac Aesili is a Māori musician, DJ and music producer from New Zealand living in Bangkok. His vocal style is unique, high, and tight. Rain Gods is a super tease for his much anticipated sophomore solo album Hidden Truths. Released January 23, 2020 by Bastard Jazz. Listen via Spotify.

Pearly Drops – Breathless


Pearly Drops is Sandra Tervonen and Juuso Malin, airy bedroom pop musicians from Finland. Breathless is an easily repeatable track setting the tone for dreamy bliss. Released February 13, 2020. Listen via Youtube.



Mauro Meddi aka MadD33 brings happy/sexy to the mix with Wonderful, a slick electro track with South London velvet croons from Jodie Abacus. Released Valentine’s Day, 2020 by Sidekick Music. Listen via Spotify.

Piqi MiqiMove On


Not entirely a love song, Piqi Miqi‘s theatrical performance details a break-up and taking care of yourself. If Part Time and Paula Abdul were to collaborate, it would sound a lot like this. Released Valentine’s Day, 2020. Watch via Youtube.



If you need a song to set a “mood”, well, here you go. Released Valentine’s Day, 2020. Listen via Spotify.



Lemons is a collaboration between Rejoicer and fellow Tel Aviv musician, Jenny Penkin. The result was a beautiful acid trip. Listen to the full album on VINYL, Spotify, Apple. Love Jenny’s voice as much as me? Here’s her latest album on Youtube. Released February 21, 2020 by Stones Throw Records. Watch via Youtube.

Joey GenettiBougainvillea Taxi


Softened retro beats course through synth and chill waves in Joey Genetti’s Bougainvillea Taxi– an anthem attuned to a modern working artist’s anxieties. Stay tuned for Genetti’s debut album Hey Sweetheart if you’re as intrigued as I am. Released February 21, 2020. Listen via Spotify

Tanaka MakoniBlackbird


Tanaka is a UK-based hip-hop songstress. Starting out strong with a deep flow and catchy backbeat, Blackbird is expertly crafted and produced with a hook that will lure any listener. Released February 22, 2020. Listen via Youtube.

Amir MilesIndigo


Sultry, deep, and mysterious, Amir Miles tells us the background on his single, Indigo:

“Indigo is beautiful and captivating, yet dark and sinister the closer you look. The track is my attempt at best conveying my emotional state during a tumultuous relationship“. Released February 24, 2020. Listen via Soundcloud.

Perfect TenantD.Y.C.A.I


“Do you care about it?” is the question beckoning throughout Perfect Tenant‘s latest single, D.Y.C.A.I. Influenced by My Bloody Valentine and The Fall, Perfect Tenant revitalizes the genre that’s been lost. Released February 26, 2020. Listen via Youtube.

Tova LightSecrets Don’t Make Friends


This genre-defying track is hard to describe. Tune in, and you’ll be in for one hell of a ride. Released February 26, 2020. Listen via Soundcloud.

P R A Y E RBubble Trouble


Ambient and soft, Bubble Trouble is Nicki Fehr a.k.a. Prayer‘s debut in electronic music. I can’t wait for more. Released February 29, 2020. Listen via Soundcloud.

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