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Meggyn Pomerleau | Editor 
Multimedia artist hailing from the dry desert valley. She enjoys introspective comics, surfing the web, and large burritos.

T.J. Bingamon  | Writer
Currently residing in the greater Long Beach, CA area and has spent the past two years working in Portland while traveling back and forth to Vancouver, BC DJ’ing at various clubs and events. He spins at Bronson Bar every first Thursday at his event Instagroove in Hollywood, CA.
He’s an avid record collector, food photographer, and travel junkie.

Colette Pomerleau  | Writer
She enjoys Turkish psych rock, wandering, data sculptures and white sauce.

Brittany Mohr  | Photographer

Past Contributors:

Anna Aguirre
Androo Meyers
Tom Grinberg
Chris Briarwood


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