City of Lights, Restaurant of Darkness

BlackOut—a new plant-based dining experience offering a chance to eat in total darkness.

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confessions from a transplant

Living in a city predominantly populated by non-natives, it’s not hard for me to have trouble fitting in. Everyone comes here, Portland, Oregon, to make a new life for themselves. Most of the stories are the same. Young, broke, and open minded.  Not being much different from the description above, I’ve also felt a lot […]

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So You’re Dating

Let me start by saying this: it’s hard to release anyone you’ve “let go” to. Someone you’ve started feeling vulnerable with, whether it’s revealing secrets, revealing your body, your issues, etc. It’s fucking hard. You think you invested in something, but a second later they could give a fuck about you. Remember this: You’re beautiful. […]

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being vegan is tough

Anyone that says differently is lying. There are lots of stipulations and things you have to look out for- not only in food, but in everything you consume. Beauty products, alcohol, and clothing. I didn’t quite understand this concept of “animal cruelty free” and “ethical” until a few years ago, but I’m glad I do […]

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