The Singularity will Not be Televised

An observational study connecting the brighter end of an apocalypse to electronic music.

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Night of the Growlers

The Growlers performed at Roseland Theater to a sold-out crowd. Brooks’ energy radiated through the crowd as his gruff voice bellowed throughout the packed venue while the other musicians maintained a more concentrated approach. The Beach Goth pioneers didn’t disappoint and impressed new and old fans alike. Read More

Interview with Your Friend

“I think that when you write as the person, you visit who you are a lot, and that’s what dictates where the word goes.” Your Friend is an honest band. With songs ranging from subjects about the unrequited to the introspective, Taryn Miller doesn’t hold back. Her songwriting is just as straight-forward as her personality. Gumption, her latest […]

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Haelos at The Echo 04.20.16

  “I pretty much live here,” I said to a stranger in the smoking area. It’s true. It’s hard to count all the shows and drinks I have consumed at The Echo/Echo Plex. I dragged my cigarette, sipped my beer, and kept up with conversations but drifted in and out. I had a lot on my mind. […]

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Wild Nothing At Doug Fir 03.27.16

With the release of Life of Pause, Wild Nothing’s Jack Tatum has honed nostalgic-eyed crystalline dream pop to a fine edge. The music displays its past influences unabashedly in the open, filtering 80’s alternative pop and just a hint of Steve Reich into a pure confectionary indulgence.  It’s the music to immerse oneself in, provided one is swaying through the transfixing […]

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Gold Panda at Echo Plex 06.02.16

Every time I’m asked to cover a show, there’s a subtle anxiety that builds inside me. Like Murphy’s Law, I expect everything that’s unexpected to happen.  I tend to drink coffee, pack all my essentials (i.e. cigarettes, weed, etc.), and rush myself to the city. This day was different. I’m not sure how, but after almost […]

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Junior Boys at The Regent 03.16.16

  As we get ready for festival season, concert-goers tend to forget about the shows that are already happening in their own backyard. Living in Los Angeles means you’re guaranteed almost every artist or group coming to town. Junior Boys haven’t stepped foot in L.A. since 2011 in support of their last album It’s All True. On a […]

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Pan Am Experience 3.05.16

In the 21st century, flying on airlines isn’t the best experience for some. From TSA to the cliché crying baby on board, it is becoming cumbersome to step foot on anything with wings. Gone are the days of truly great chair-side service with cocktails, fine china plated with good food, and, hell, even your own smoking […]

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listen to: YACHT

Meet YACHT, your new favorite band. The pioneers of talk dance. talk dance: |tah-ck dan-s| noun  1 Electronic music with an emphasis on valuable lecture using the YACHT method. [ see & hear YACHT discography ] 2 A new and innovative way to learn, feel happy, and connect with yourself. YACHT, from Portland but now residing in Los Angeles, […]

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Deerhunter at Wonder Ballroom 10.20.15

“This is what I like to call ‘Audience Calibration.'”

If there were to be a underlying notion for Deerhunter and Atlas Sound‘s performance last week at Portland’s Wonder Ballroom, it would ultimately lie in the desire for transparency and trust. With the release of Fading Frontier, an album that could lead them aiming for the surreal transition of cult icons to overwhelming consumptionBradford Cox and company have navigated themselves into the rarified territory of mass adoration. They’ve become the indie band capable of filling stadium seats. But this band doesn’t have the desire to be an elusive polished juggernaut, a fact apparent as soon as the venue’s doors opened that Monday night.

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Angel Olsen at Revolution Hall 10.6.15

Enter the dark auditorium, laden with eager ears sipping on drinks, chattering about the impending performance and laughing below the archaic high school ceiling. As the lights dim, it feels as though you have been taken back to a school assembly where the guest of honor begins to speak, in this case being the folk-singer Angel Olsen. Her soft glowing voice is easily recognizable amongst the myriad of female artists in the genre of indie-folk music. What sets Olsen apart is her delicate yet assertive croon, which cuts through the mists of time, echoing from the same vein of folk artist Joan Baez drew from generously years previous. Olsen’s newest album released last year “Burn Your Fire For No Witness” was played a majority of the time during Olson’s performance at Revolution Hall.
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