What is FOUND ?

stories for the thoughtful minimalist

Originating as a personal journey, FOUND creatively explores art in all forms with a focus on DIY music and plant-based food. FOUND strives to be a source of positivity +  self-empowerment.

We host a weekly radio show every Sunday morning on KUCI.fm 6-8AM PST.

Where is FOUND based?

Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, California. Travel is an important part of FOUND so coverage often spans past our territories.

What content does FOUND cover?


  • Festivals
  • Live performance reviews
  • Album reviews
  • Artist interviews
  • Playlists features


  • Galleries
  • Exhibits
  • Film 
  • Podcasts
  • Comedy
  • Interviews


  • Food festivals
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Interviews
  • Cocktail recipes
  • Plant-based recipes

Is FOUND hiring?

Found does not offer any paid positions. We are open to volunteer contributors and interns for photojournalism, music journalism, social media managers, and film/food critics.

If your writing and aesthetic align with ours, email us with the subject “Found Contributor”.

Where do I pitch my idea to FOUND?

Contact us on any of our social media channels:
Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Instagram Tumblr

*If you want your music to be featured, please submit to FOUND here.*

How can I collaborate with FOUND?

Contact us here.

How can I advertise on FOUND?

Email us. We can provide stats per request.