Beach House at the Crystal Ballroom

Words and photographs: Colette Pomerleau I couldn’t help but stand in front of Beach House last Thursday night and think about how much more it felt than seeing a band play on a stage in front of a sold out audience in a venue in downtown Portland. Memorable glimpses from the night have kept me… Continue reading Beach House at the Crystal Ballroom

Surfer Blood at the Crystal Ballroom

Surfer Blood did an exceptional job of revving up the audience for Foals. I was surprised to find that the singing was much better live than on recording. They played more new songs than old, and I can now confirm their new album is a major contributor to the 2013 Summer Playlist. You could tell… Continue reading Surfer Blood at the Crystal Ballroom

Foals | Crystal Ballroom

I have to admit. I was a bit skeptical of the so-called “bouncy” floor of Crystal Ballroom, but was more than convinced Wednesday night during Foals. I’m pretty critical when it comes to pleasing every sense but Foals did just that. From opening to encore, they  glided across they stage like they owned the place… Continue reading Foals | Crystal Ballroom

Tame Impala at the Crystal Ballroom

For those who were amongst the very fortunate folks to get a ticket for Tame Impala‘s  sold-out concert Sunday night at Portland’s stunning Crystal Ballroom, they came away having enjoyed an sonically transformative experience. The Perth-born band, fronted by the ever-barefoot Kevin Parker, are so incredibly likable even outside of the fact that they’re one of the… Continue reading Tame Impala at the Crystal Ballroom

MGMT at Crystal Ballroom

Before MGMT approached the stage, I expected something entirely theatrical. As I was attempting to guess, Star Wars-esque ascending words climbing on the screen. I must admit it was hard to read with the fan girl directly behind me screaming her wedding vows to the band. MGMT gracefully climbed on stage and vivid, seizure inducing… Continue reading MGMT at Crystal Ballroom