Our Controversial Priority List of FYF 2016

For twelve years FYF has taken what was once a small gathering at the now Echoplex into a two-day festival, with an eclectic mix of artists whether major or independent, past and present. After Goldenvoice took over the role of the festival's legacy, it's grown into one of the better music festivals you can attend. With the surprise booking… Continue reading Our Controversial Priority List of FYF 2016

Gold Panda at Echo Plex

Every time I'm asked to cover a show, there's a subtle anxiety that builds inside me. Like Murphy's Law, I expect everything that's unexpected to happen.  I tend to drink coffee, pack all my essentials (i.e. cigarettes, weed, etc.), and rush myself to the city. This day was different. I'm not sure how, but after almost… Continue reading Gold Panda at Echo Plex

Junior Boys at The Regent

  As we get ready for festival season, concert-goers tend to forget about the shows that are already happening in their own backyard. Living in Los Angeles means you're guaranteed almost every artist or group coming to town. Junior Boys haven't stepped foot in L.A. since 2011 in support of their last album It's All True. On a… Continue reading Junior Boys at The Regent